Money Saving Tips You Can Use Today!

  1. Clip coupons: I know it’s what your mom used to do, but mother knows best! Using coupons, especially on already sale-priced items, will give you maximum savings on household goods.  My best advice is clip coupons for products you already use in your home and then scan the fliers to see when they go on sale and stock up! 
  1. Take your lunch to work:  Most people know a home packed lunch is cheaper but have you ever crunched the numbers? Lets take the example of a lunch consisting of a sandwich and a bottle of water.  If the average cost is $7.00, over 4 weeks that equals $140.00. But taking a sandwich from home, your grocery costs is about $41.00*, a savings of $99 every 4 weeks and almost $1300 every year!
  1. Walk and bike:  If you can walk to buy milk or bike to your local restaurant, do it. Its 100% free and you will get some exercise too! Of course you need to own a bike, a good bike cost $300 and can pay for itself in just one summer season.
  1. Be careful when buying items on sale:  This goes specifically for clothing and shoes. Here’s the test, go to your closet right now and look at all the clothes you bought on sale that you don’t wear and add up the cost. You’ll see how this quickly adds up to hundreds of dollars spent. I’m a big believer in buying clothing at full price if you know you will use it vs buying a bunch of things on sale and have them hang in your closet.
  1. Don’t assume buying in bulk saves money: Always check the unit price of what you’re buying: toilet paper, aluminum foil, juice etc. Sometimes the smaller sized items can be cheaper per unit. Its easy math and usually the smaller sizes are sitting right beside the bulk size on the store shelves.
  1. Check the portion sizes at a restaurant: Mains often come with to much rice, potatoes and salad. Ask the waiter if you and your dining buddy can share a main and order an extra steak or burger on its own.
  1. Take advantage of social buying sites: Sign up for deals on group saving websites like Groupon, Living Social and WagJag. These  smart sites send you deals based on your location. The best deals are on salon treatments, restaurants visits and clothing stores. A little travel tip, switch your location to the city you are traveling to and collect deals ahead of time.
  1. Don’t pay bank fees:  If your bank is charging you monthly fees to keep your money then you need to tell them to sign you up to a no-fee account or switch to a bank that will give you free banking. Don’t let the bank tell you that it costs them money to keep your money. 
  1. Buy smaller fruits and vegetables. If you are paying for fruits and veggies per pound buy smaller, apples, oranges, zucchinis mushrooms etc. This will avoid wasting fruits and vegetables.  How often have you wasted half an apple because it was too big to finish? When you throw  out half an apple you are throwing out money!
  1. Dine out on weekdays:  This might be the hardest sell, but eating out during the week can cost you less and makes more sense. Most restaurants have great deals during the week to attract customers and you will appreciate not having to cook and do dishes on a work night.  But remember it’s cheaper to eat at home, so don’t over do this one.
Happy Saving!

*based on grocery purchased at No-Frills (3 loaves of bread, 1 bottle each of  mustard, mayonnaise, 2 heads of lettuce and 1000g of cold cut)