Friday, 19 August 2011

Always Save Money's First Super Star Saver

Melody Campagna is amazing. By using coupons and store incentives she has cut her grocery bill by more than half. Melody says the best way to save money is to sign up to to sites like and search Facebook to take advantage of all the deals in your area.  Watch my interivew with her to see how she does it!

Melody's Top Five Scores

1. Multibionata vitamins $10 coupons on the shelves or on the web site. Retail $15.99 at Shoppers Drug mart. Sale price $8.99 and it happened I had a rain check and used it on 20X points days. So $8.99 x.13(tax)= $10.16-$10 coupon=.16 Here is the beauty they pay you optimum on the full product price so it's $9.00 x (20x points)=1800 points plus regular points and credit card points=2025 points which in terms of money on a bonus redemption day is worth $4.25. So I made on the product .16-$4.25=$4.09 in my pocket from each box. You are allowed 4 items so total I made on that one purchase was $4.09 x4=$16.36
2. Finish Quantumatics regular cost at Walmart $10.47 on a roll back to $3 and coupons were available on line or from shoppers voice for $6. Shoppers coupon policy allows overages so it rang up like this $3 x.13(tax)=$3.39 - $6(coupon)= $2.61 on each one.
3. Neutrogena ran a program last year as well for buy one of their anti-aging clinical systems up to a $70 value and they would give you your money back. Called a MIR or mail in rebate. I bought mine on a 20x points day at shoppes. So earned $ 70 x 20x points plus regular and credit card points =14175 points which is worth $29.76 and received all my money back plus taxes so it was $29.76 in pocket once again.
4. Physicians Formula also has mail in rebates and I always wait for a 20x points day at Shoppers so that I get all my money back fro the company as well as points earned on my Optimum card.
5. Prestige makeup and Rexall had an air miles promotion last year that for every $15 you spent you got 75 air miles and at that time each air mile was worth .14 cents as I cashed them in and bought $25 Rexall gift cards. Air miles was also running at the same time a promotion that if you spent $50 you received 100 air miles. So this is how this shop went. I spent $15 x 4 or $60(plus tax) =$67.80 in product and earned 400 air miles and to me that was worth 400x.14= $56 . Now then they also had a coupon for $2 when you spent $20or more in store(from there survey) . So bottom line was  $67.80-$56.00-$2.00=$9.80


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  2. Melody IS a super star! What you may not know is how seriously generous she is. She’s always making care packages for people. (: