Wednesday, 20 July 2011

How To Never Pay Full Price Again

As a consumer you have choice, you don't have to pay full price and we don't need to be fooled by the MSRP (Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price). I sat down with Cotter Cunningham, the CEO of, to talk about avoiding retail and not paying full price. His website offers coupons and deals to anyone wanting to save money.

Rubina's Top Tips to Avoid Paying Retail
1. Buy once the season has started. For example wait until July to buy summer clothes.
2. Use websites like to get coupons on items you buy everyday
3. Stock up on the products you use most often when they are on sale
4. Buy clothing at factory outlet malls
5. Do your research, find the fair value of items and ask the store to match it
6. If you buy full price, hang on to the receipt, often a store will adjust the price if it goes on sale
7. Use credit cards that give you store points
8. Big Box stores have the best deals, shopping at stores like WalMart will save money
8. Make a habit to to look through the clearance section, you never know what you'll  find!

Happy Saving!

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