Saturday, 30 July 2011

ING DIRECT Using Music to Teach People How to Save

As all my readers know I don't like bank fees. I've successfully avoided paying them for more than a decade. When one major bank, (ahem TD Bank Group), charged me to a look at an electronic copy of a check I had written,  I called and reminded customer service about all the business I have done with them and it was reversed immediately. I highly recommend that all customers argue any bank fee charged to their account. If the bank won't reverse it, take your business to an institution that offers free banking.  My favourites are PC Financial and  ING DIRECT.  Speaking of,  ING DIRECT just released a fun video to promote saving.  Here you go, have a great long weekend.

ING DIRECT Canada presents Madonna – Material Girl, a cover by YouTube star Naya .  The video uses Naya’s signature multi-track a cappella style to promote the idea of Saving your money to Canadians online.

ING DIRECT is Canada's leading DIRECT bank with over 1.7 million Clients and more than $29 billion in total assets. ING DIRECT gives the power of saving to all Canadians by offering high-value, simple products such as high interest savings accounts with no fees or service charges, and low rates on mortgages. Low cost, index based mutual funds are sold through ING DIRECT Funds Limited.

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  1. Wow...I am so amazed I guess I should try this. :)
    Thanks for sharing! This is very interesting.