Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Spend No Money Day

Once every few weeks, when life starts to get a little hectic, work starts to pile up at home and my fridge is full of food that needs to be eaten or cooked, I take a day to just stay home.  I use this day to reassess and get things organized. This saves me money and my sanity. Making this small sacrifice one, twice or three times a month really helps to press the restart button and take inventory of the things I need and the things I can do without.

So try it, maybe even this weekend. Eat what’s in your fridge, take a long walk, organize your house and pay some bills. It will make you feel better, its amazing how much you can do in 24-hours when you focus.  When you’re not spending money you’re forced to use what you already have such as, your gym membership, your bike or maybe a DVD you borrowed from a friend weeks ago. The best part, taking money out of the equation almost guarantees you will spend more quality time with the ones you love.
Happy Saving!

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