Thursday, 19 May 2011

Social Couponing is making Luxury affordable

Coupons are back in vogue and not the kind your mom clipped from the local paper.  It’s called social couponing and it’s revolutionizing how to score a deal. Social couponing sites collaborate with local businesses to offer daily sales on services and products and the alert arrives straight in your inbox.  The best part is many of these are luxury services at deeply discounted rates.

Here’s how it works. The social couponing site will send you one deal everyday being offered in your area at a fraction of the retail cost.  A minimum number of customers need to buy the deal, and once that happens it’s available at the discounted price for the rest of the day. In the unlikely case that not enough people purchase the deal, your credit card will not be charged.  Everybody wins, a business gets a unique customer and you get to enjoy a product or service at a lower cost.

What I like most is social couponing sites have also made it easy to be frugal and fabulous. Spa services, yoga classes, dinners at fancy restaurants and Caribbean vacations are often the daily deal.  I’m off to a fancy spa in a posh neighbourhood in downtown Toronto. The visit is valued at more than $200, but I’m paying less than $60 for what’s going to be a fantastic afternoon complete with a luxury manicure, pedicure, and massage. A year ago I would never consider such high-end treatment, but thanks to the power of collective buying many out of reach experiences are available to everyone. 

There are other products and services offered, everything from car maintenance to household products and always for much less than the retail price.  Social couponing deals are meant to be shared on Twitter and posted on your Facebook wall for everyone to see and purchase, making the deals truly social.  Just like buying anything online, make sure you read the fine print and take note of how long your coupon is valid, in most cases you have at least a year to cash it in.

Here is a list of just some of the social couponing sites offering local Canadian deals Canada:

Happy Saving!


  1. What a great blog! Thank you for sharing the sites and for underlining how we can make more and more luxuries affordable. It wouldn't make sense to pay full price for anything! And if we are fortunate enough to have the money to pay full price if needed, we can instead save more money and donate the difference to a cause close to our hearts. By living below our means, we can perhaps help those in need much more.

  2. Awesome! Thanks for the great post!

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